The Official Micha Gamerman Animated Series

  • Tefillos Shabbat Medley

    Let's sing together the special Shabbos Tefillos with Micha Gamerman and his animated friends!

  • Leil Shabbat Medley

    In this beautiful video, Micha Gamerman goes through what happens in a Jewish home on Shabbos night. An absolute must watch!

  • The Yamim Noraim Medley

    The Yamim Noraim are the most important time of the year for the Jewish people. In this special episode, Micha Gamerman will go through all our different minhagim in an exciting way geared specifically for kids.

  • The Purim Medley

    With over six million hits on this video alone, Brazillion superstar, Micha Gamerman presents the Purim Medley!

  • The Sukkos Medley

    Watch as the talented Micha Gamerman goes through the different minhagim of Sukkos, in this incredible animated music video.

  • The Pesach Medley

    Micha Gamerman presents an entertaining music video that goes through all the steps of the Pesach Seder!

  • The Shavuot Medley

    This education and adorable music video will have your child jumping for joy that Shavuos is almost here!

  • The Chanukah Medley

    Micha Gamerman is back with another fantastic animated video all about Chanukah!