Shabbos Kodesh

  • Leil Shabbat Medley

    In this beautiful video, Micha Gamerman goes through what happens in a Jewish home on Shabbos night. An absolute must watch!

  • Tefillos Shabbat Medley

    Let's sing together the special Shabbos Tefillos with Micha Gamerman and his animated friends!

  • Shazak! Is It Shabbos Yet?

    Shazak presents a special Shabbos video featuring little Batya and her family getting ready for Shabbos! Watch Batya light the Shabbos candles like a big girl with the help of her mommy.

  • Shabbos Party With Morah Ester!

    Are you ready for a super fun Shabbos party? Let's sing special Shabbos songs with Morah Ester!
    This video contains Kol Isha and should be watched at your own discretion.

  • Morah Chaya Let’s Get Ready for Shabbos!

    Morah Chaya will help teach your little one how to prepare for Shabbos Kodesh!

    About Morah Chaya Shapiro: Morah Chaya is a graduate of the Toronto Seminary, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in humanities. She has over two decades of experience in early childhood education teaching kindergar...

  • Fiveish & Friends Get's Ready For Shabbos

    Join Fiveish and his friends as they prepare for Shabbos Kodesh!

  • Shabbos With Yussi

    Watch Yussi Weisz as he demonstrates the absolute best way to make delicious Shabbos food.

  • Rebbetzin Tap Get Ready For Shabbos! A Song And Dance Adventure

    Getting ready for Shabbos has never been so much fun! Follow Rebbetzin Tap in this Jewish children's DVD, as she sings and dances her way into preparing for Shabbos! This video contains Kol Isha.

  • Morah Rochel Reads "Is It Shabbos Yet?"

    What do we do to get ready for Shabbos? Let's follow Malkie on Friday and see all the things she is doing to get ready!