Recently Added

  • Kosher Comics For Kids! Episode One

    Enjoy the first five Parshiyot in this enchanting comic style video made just for kids!

  • Yael and Dovy's Jewish ABC's

    Children will love to watch Yael and Dovy learn their Aleph Bais. With all the catchy songs, your kids will be sure to sing along. Following Dovy and Yael into this video, children will also learn ABC's, Alef Bais, Mitzvos, Social Skills, Colors and Counting!

  • Mendy Music - The Freeze Dance Song

  • Morah Music's Copy Cat Game

    Morah Music's special new copy cat game song is super energizing and so much fun! This exciting hit single by Morah Music and her little animated friends will have your kids jumping for joy.

  • Chef Gabe's Asian Beef Noodle Soup

    Chef Gabe is back and is joined by Moshe Nafisi from the hit show Skill'it!
    Watch them make a delicious beef noodle soup, with a fresh chili oil you won't believe.

  • The Shavuos Ice Cream Song With Morah Ester!

    It's time to learn all about Shavuos with a yummy ice cream song by Morah Ester!

  • Chaver Sheli - The Acapella Version

    Dovid Pearlman's acapella version of his amazing hit single, Chaver Sheli!

  • Meeting The Last Jewish Person in Afghanistan

    Day one of my first trip to Kabul and meeting with Zevulun Simintov, who may possibly be the very last Jew of Afghanistan.

  • Jump Into Shape Episode 10

    Episode ten will REALLY get you back into shape! Join Dova for a fantastic kid friendly workout.
    This video contains Dova dancing and should only be watched by women and girls.

  • Terrific Scientific!

    This acid and base cabbage juice smoothie experiment will completely blow you away. Meir Licht, founder of Terrific Scientific is a science guru with plenty of tricks up his sleeve!

  • My First Impressions of DUBAI!

    Highlights of my first trip to the Dubai in United Arab Emirates. It was a short trip, only 48 hours, but one that I will cherish forever. Hopefully, I'll return to U.A.E. many times in the future!

  • Shlomo Levinger Performing At RCCS TALENT SHOW!

    Shlomo Levinger leaves the judges absolutely speechless with his magnificent magic!

  • Megillas Ruth With Morah Deena

    YidFlicks is proud to present one of the only films about Megillas Ruth that is just for kids! Morah Deena does a great job at captivating her audience while keeping them highly entertained.

  • Lesson 1: Hot Air Balloon

    Morah Pessy is here and ready to teach you to make an incredible drawing! Sit down with your supplies and follow along as you learn to make creations like never before.

  • Lag Ba'Omer With Morah Ester

    Morah Ester is here to teach your toddler all about Lag Ba'Omer. She will end her lesson off with a special fire safety talk.

    This video contains Kol Isha, and should be watched at your own discretion.

  • Morah Shifra's Super Fun Sing Along

    This twenty two minute sing along is a total blast for preschoolers!
    Morah Shifra and her adorable friends will be singing together, as well as learning lots of new Hebrew words for school.
    This video contains Kol Isha, and should be watched at your own discretion.

  • Morah Shifra's Chanukah Song!

    Shimmy and Shelly are back! Let's learn about all the yummy food we eat and the exciting things we do for Chanukah.

  • Mike's Day Off: Aged Prime Rib Roast

    Expensive cuts of meat can be intimidating. Mike brings his expertise from Mike's Bistro to help you serve up an aged prime roast with confidence.

  • Let's Learn About The 10 Makos With Morah Ester!

    Morah Ester makes learning about the Makos fascinating for young children. She will use dolls, songs and a special story time to capture their attention and make Pesach learning loads of fun!
    This video contains Kol Isha, and should be watched at your own discretion.

  • Jump Into Shape Episode 1

    Join Dova as she teaches an incredible high energy jump rope class geared specifically towards kids! Grab your jump rope while enjoying the fun and upbeat Jewish music! This class will leave you energized and feeling better than ever.

    This video includes Dova dancing and should only be watched ...

  • Chef Gabe: Fried Beef Nuggets With Jalapeño Jam

    Chef Gabe is joined by Robert Zauderer, one of the key people behind the scenes of Under the Hood. This dish is a perfect appetizer or main for a Yom Tov meal! These Mexican beef nuggets are cooked and then fried until perfection, with a perfect balance of subtle spice.

  • JME Live Presents! Dudi Knopfler ft. Shira Choir

  • An Epic Journey To Mt. Sinai!

    Join me on my recent trip to the Sinai Desert in Egypt, where I Climb the Legendary Mt. Sinai!

  • A Special Trip To Uman For Rosh Hashanah

    My last minute incredible journey to Uman, Ukraine for Rosh Hashana 5782/2021.