Recently Added

  • The Shemesh Show - Part 2

    Part 2!
    The Shemesh Show is an entertaining show all about preparing for Shabbos filmed entirely in Jerusalem.

  • The Shemesh Show - Part 1

    The Shemesh Show is an entertaining show all about preparing for Shabbos filmed entirely in Jerusalem.

  • The Dawn of The Century

    A five star documentary by Rabbi Berel Wein about how the Jewish people lived in the 20th century.

  • Leil Shabbat Medley

    In this beautiful video, Micha Gamerman goes through what happens in a Jewish home on Shabbos night. An absolute must watch!

  • Tefillos Shabbat Medley

    Let's sing together the special Shabbos Tefillos with Micha Gamerman and his animated friends!

  • The Dovid Pearlman Exclusive YidFlicks Movie

    An exclusive YidFlicks film, this thirty minute video is a collection of Dovid Pearlman's most popular hits!

  • Rabbi Jake Shavuos Concert!

    Rabbi Jake and Nachman the puppet are back with a two part Shavuos concert. There will be silly jokes, songs, and loads and loads of fun!

  • Magic Avi The Spinning Straw

    Learn how to wow all your friends at school by making a straw spin all by itself! This magical trick will be taught to you by Magic Avi and his friend, Pinky The Puppet.

  • Magic Avi Special Guest Stars

    In this episode, you will get to learn the illusion of the zip coin. Then followed by exclusive guest starts who arrive just in time for a story!

  • Magic Avi Crazy Illusions!

    In this episode, Magic Avi will show you the crazy illusion of the disappearing toothpick. You may did Magic Avi do that? Stay tuned until the end of the episode and you may just find out!

  • Shazak! Is It Shabbos Yet?

    Shazak presents a special Shabbos video featuring little Batya and her family getting ready for Shabbos! Watch Batya light the Shabbos candles like a big girl with the help of her mommy.

  • Torah Tots Live: Volume 2

    The Torah Tots are back for another amazing live performance to teach your children the importance of having good middos. Your whole family will be mesmerized by this one hour masterpiece!

  • Dance With Lakie: Keep Fit The Kosher Way

    Join Lakie for a high energy cardio dance routine that will leave you feeling better than ever.

  • The Queen Of Cakes Takes On Tree Time

    The one and only Queen of Cakes, Shaina Dubroff is back in business after a hiatus due to Covid-19. Now, she's ready to take on new challenges...the bigger the better! This gravity defying cake is turning out to be more than anybody bargained for! The Queen is in a serious time crunch. Do you thi...

  • Faigy's Hilarious Purim Miracle!

    Join Faigy as she navigates between real life and her imagination, living the story of Purim as Queen Esther. Complete with juggling, magic, parkour & more, Faigy's Hilarious Purim Miracle will have you laughing out loud and cheering, all while learning the timeless Megillah lesson about stepping...

  • Bobbi Weisz's Famous Kokosh Cake

    Yussi is joined by his mother to recreate her famous kokosh cake from his childhood.

  • Mushroom Filled Crepes With Chef Gabe Garcia

    Chef Gabe Garcia is cooking this incredible seared ribeye and mushroom filled crepes. Cook along or just watch and enjoy!

  • Morah Chaya Let’s Get Ready for Shabbos!

    Morah Chaya will help teach your little one how to prepare for Shabbos Kodesh!

    About Morah Chaya Shapiro: Morah Chaya is a graduate of the Toronto Seminary, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in humanities. She has over two decades of experience in early childhood education teaching kindergar...

  • Ilan Smith's Jaw Dropping Magic!

    Ilan Smith returns to YidFlicks with another mind blowing magic show that will leave you did he do that?!

  • Torah Tots - Welcome to Tots Land

    Mayor Baruch Mcbracha likes to remind the Torah Tots that his door is always open. But what happens when he inadvertently shuts the door? It's a perfect opportunity for for the Yetzer Harah to ditch the Mcbracha. His plots pits the Tots against their very own Mayor, turning the quaint city of Tot...

  • The Gift of Being Jewish

    The Gift will teach children what an incredible gift it is to be Jewish by showcasing kindness, tzedakah and community responsibility. This film is geared towards preschool age children, but can be appreciated by all.

  • Rebbetzin Tap Introduction to Acting - Using Your Voice

    Learn how to properly project your voice when acting with the amazing teacher, Rebbetzin Tap!

  • Israel The Beautiful

    Rabbi Berel Wein will show you just how incredible and beautiful the land of Israel is in this captivating one hour tour.

  • Torah Tots - The 12 Pesukim: Volume 1

    This is part one of the two part series based on Torah Pesukim Chazal that's the Rebbe taught children to recite and learn.
    Join the Torah Tots as they explore the meaning of friendship, belief in Hashem, and the responsibility of growing up from Torah Tots kids to Torah Jews, the future of our ...