Oorah: Shmorg

  • Shmorg: The Challenge

    Oorah presents The Challenge, an enlightening and dramatic film that showcases the beauty of Yiddishkeit.

  • Shmorg: Birchas Hachama

    Oorah presents an educational film teaching children all about Birchas Hachama in a way that is enjoyable and easy to comprehend.

  • Shmorg: Animals In The Tanach

    This forty minute film will explain all about the animals in Tanach. It's interesting, educational and suitable for kids of all ages!

  • Shmorg: Berel And The Bus Driver

    An Oorah and Rebbee Hill production, Berel has an insane adventure with the bus driver all the way from Yehupetzville . Will Berel get to town in time for Shabbos or will he end up walking? This one hour film will have you laughing and on the edge of the seat all at the same time.

  • Shmorg: Bring Happy Back

    With over five hundreds thousands views, this video is one of Oorahs most popular by far! Let's Bring Happy Back is all about the importance of being B'simcha!

  • Shmorg: Oy! Factor

    In this crazy competition, four contestants will race around Brooklyn, doing ridiculous tasks for the chance to win an amazing prize! Would you do these insane challenges? You will find yourself saying "Oy!" throughout this video...hence the title!

  • Shmorg: The Magic Yarmulka

    This animated Oorah classic will sure to be a real hit for children of all ages!

  • Shmorg 10: 8th Day Concert

    The official Oorah Chanukah 8th day concert! Don't worry if you missed this amazing performance, YidFlicks and Oorah have got you covered.

  • Shmorg: Fiveish in Flight

    This super fun musical from Fiveish and his friends is filled with wonderful lessons about the power of Tefillah and being a good friend to one another. This video will leave you children singing all the classic Oorah songs!