Oorah: Fiveish & Friends

  • Fiveish & Friends: Comedy Mix

    Fiveish is back with new hilarious jokes for your entertainment!

  • Fiveish & Friends: The Explorer

    Join Fiveish as he goes on another crazy adventure all the way California to check out some of the most EXTREME sports ever! You do not want to miss this episode!

  • Fiveish & Friends Get's Ready For Shabbos

    Join Fiveish and his friends as they prepare for Shabbos Kodesh!

  • Fiveish & Friends: Heimishe Comedy

    Did you know that Fiveish is really funny? Enjoy twenty minutes of heimishe comedy from everyone's favorite five dollar bill, Fiveish!

  • Fiveish & Friends: Toy Store Adventure

    Imagine going on a real life adventure with everyone's favorite friend, Fiveish! Also in this episode, the kids learn how not everyone is as fortunate to afford the same exciting toys as they can. The children try to search for a solution with Fiveish.

  • Fiveish & Friends: The Adventure of The Great Gevaldig

    Join Fiveish and his friends as they go all over on gevaldig adventures during their winter vacation. Fiveish explains how important it is to keep an open mind in order to have a good time. Some of the places they will go include a candy store, an arcade and more!

  • Fiveish & Friends: Bikur Cholim

    Oorah Presents: The crucial lesson of Bikur Cholim for kids. Follow Fiveish and his friends as they learn all about Bikur Cholim and its great importance!

  • Fiveish & Friends: Yay Bubby and Zaidy!

    Fiveish and his friends teach just how important it is to honor our grandparents! This video describes in detail why our elders deserve our resect and how we can show it to them.

  • Fiveish & Friends: It's Not Easy Being Fiveish

    Being a full time five dollar bill is just not as easy as it seems to be. Find out why in this episode of Fiveish and Friends presented by Oorah.