Oorah Films: The Full Collection

  • Marvelous Middos Machine: Up, Up And Away!

    Shnooky and Dizzy find themselves going all the way to outer space! Dizzy has an interesting encounter with Dr. Doomstein! Of course they will be learn some wonderful middos along the way. Come and join Shnooky and Dizzy for a super fun adventure.

  • Marvelous Middos Machine: Shnooky's Bar Mitzvah

    Shnooky's Bar Mitzvah is the best Bar Mitzvah you have been to yet! Marvelous Middos Machine is one of the most popular Jewish series that has ever been created! Children of all ages will love this film and walk away with wonderful life lessons about how to treat their fellow yid.

  • When Zaidy Was Young 2

    Do you ever wonder what it was like when your Zaidy was young? Oorah presents an amazing animated show "when Zaidy Was Young" to help kids understand what life was really like in the lower east side of Manhattan when their grandparents were growing up. Being Shomer Shabbos and Shomar Mitzvos wasn...

  • Shmorg: The Challenge

    Oorah presents The Challenge, an enlightening and dramatic film that showcases the beauty of Yiddishkeit.

  • The Extreme Magic of Eric Wilzig!

    Eric Wilzig is a famous magician with lots of amazing tricks up his sleeve! Watch the super cool Oorah magic show that will leave you speechless.

  • Shmorg: Birchas Hachama

    Oorah presents an educational film teaching children all about Birchas Hachama in a way that is enjoyable and easy to comprehend.

  • Shmorg: Animals In The Tanach

    This forty minute film will explain all about the animals in Tanach. It's interesting, educational and suitable for kids of all ages!

  • Fiveish & Friends: Comedy Mix

    Fiveish is back with new hilarious jokes for your entertainment!


    More than 160,000 kids stay home from school each day to avoid being bullied. That's no way to receive a great education. Lets end bullying once and for all. This powerful video by Oorah is a must watch for every child.

  • Fiveish & Friends: Heimishe Comedy

    Did you know that Fiveish is really funny? Enjoy twenty minutes of heimishe comedy from everyone's favorite five dollar bill, Fiveish!

  • Shmorg: Bring Happy Back

    With over five hundreds thousands views, this video is one of Oorahs most popular by far! Let's Bring Happy Back is all about the importance of being B'simcha!

  • Shmorg 10: 8th Day Concert

    The official Oorah Chanukah 8th day concert! Don't worry if you missed this amazing performance, YidFlicks and Oorah have got you covered.

  • Mashal Man 3

    The final video of the hit series presented by Oorah. In this video, The Mashal Man comes to teach the kinderlach all about achieving their maximum potential. Of course as always this film will be filled with beautiful songs, lots of jokes and plenty of mashals!

  • Mashal Man 2

    The second film of the hit series, presented by Oorah. The Mashal Man films help children understand how to act in a dignified manner by presenting mashals that are easy to comprehend and have valuable life lessons. This film is a combination of real actors and animation in addition to songs and ...

  • Mashal Man 1

    The Mashal Man helps kids with realistic parables that give them a greater understanding of how to act in a refined manner. This light and entertaining film is filled with catchy songs, comedy and of course an occasional visit from Fiveish!

  • Fiveish & Friends: Toy Store Adventure

    Imagine going on a real life adventure with everyone's favorite friend, Fiveish! Also in this episode, the kids learn how not everyone is as fortunate to afford the same exciting toys as they can. The children try to search for a solution with Fiveish.

  • Fiveish & Friends: The Adventure of The Great Gevaldig

    Join Fiveish and his friends as they go all over on gevaldig adventures during their winter vacation. Fiveish explains how important it is to keep an open mind in order to have a good time. Some of the places they will go include a candy store, an arcade and more!

  • Fiveish & Friends: Yay Bubby and Zaidy!

    Fiveish and his friends teach just how important it is to honor our grandparents! This video describes in detail why our elders deserve our resect and how we can show it to them.

  • Shmorg: Fiveish in Flight

    This super fun musical from Fiveish and his friends is filled with wonderful lessons about the power of Tefillah and being a good friend to one another. This video will leave you children singing all the classic Oorah songs!

  • Shmorg: Berel And The Bus Driver

    An Oorah and Rebbee Hill production, Berel has an insane adventure with the bus driver all the way from Yehupetzville . Will Berel get to town in time for Shabbos or will he end up walking? This one hour film will have you laughing and on the edge of the seat all at the same time.

  • Shmorg: Oy! Factor

    In this crazy competition, four contestants will race around Brooklyn, doing ridiculous tasks for the chance to win an amazing prize! Would you do these insane challenges? You will find yourself saying "Oy!" throughout this video...hence the title!

  • Rebuilding The Bais Hamikdash

    Oorah Presents: Give your kids the gift of a meaningful Tisha B’Av. Featuring master storyteller, Rabbi Mayer Erps along with live illustrations, Rebuilding the Bais Hamikdash: A Children’s Production is packed with stories about our Gedolim, ahavas chinam and real-life lessons in a compelling f...

  • The Official Oorah Concert!

    An incredible Oorah concert featuring some of your all time favorite Jewish performers...including the Twins from France! This is a great family friendly concert that everyone is sure to enjoy!

  • Fiveish & Friends: Bikur Cholim

    Oorah Presents: The crucial lesson of Bikur Cholim for kids. Follow Fiveish and his friends as they learn all about Bikur Cholim and its great importance!