Morah Chaya Shapiro

  • Morah Chaya - Let's Learn About Purim!

    Morah Chaya will go through the story of Purim and explain why we celebrate it in this lively and fun twenty minute video!

  • All Around The Year With Morah Chaya

    Morah Chaya will take your children on an exciting journey through all the Hebrew months of the year. This video is most suitable for preschool age children.

  • Chanukah Story With Morah Chaya

    Morah Chaya Shapiro tells the fascinating and exciting story of how the Jews were saved in the Chanukah story!

  • Morah Chaya - Tisha B’Av Lesson

    Morah Chaya explains why Tisha B'Av is a very sad day for the Jewish nation with the help of her puppet friends.

  • Morah Chaya - The Story of Rabbi Akiva

    Rabbi Akiva is known to be one of the greatest men to have ever lived. Morah Chaya has created this video to teach children what a huge tzadik Rabbi Akiva was in a way that is appropriate for preschoolers.

  • Morah Chaya - All About The Pesach Seder!

    Morah Chaya will walk you kids through what happens at a Pesach Seder from start to finish! Of course, her puppets will join in as well!

  • Morah Chaya Let’s Get Ready for Shabbos!

    Morah Chaya will help teach your little one how to prepare for Shabbos Kodesh!

    About Morah Chaya Shapiro: Morah Chaya is a graduate of the Toronto Seminary, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in humanities. She has over two decades of experience in early childhood education teaching kindergar...

  • Let's Learn About Elul With Morah Chaya

    Elul is a very, very important month for the Jewish people. Morah Chaya is here and ready to help your kids understand just why that is.

  • Shavuos With Morah Chaya

    Morah Chaya wants to teach you all about Shavuos and what an enjoyable Yom Tov it is for the Jewish people.

  • Morah Chaya - The Ten Makkos

    When Paroh did not let the Jewish people leave Mitzraim, Hashem had to keep sending makkos to let them go! Morah Chaya will go through all of the ten makkos and explain just how intense they were.

  • Morah Chaya - What is Sefiras Haomer?

    In this video, Morah Chaya will explain what Sefiras Haomer is and what we should be careful about during that time period. She does a great job of making this video entertaining and exciting as always!

  • Let's Make Matzah With Morah Chaya

    Making your own Matzah can be so much fun! Morah Chaya is here to show you what to do to prepare for Pesach and how you can make your very own matzah.