• Shlomo Levinger Performing At RCCS TALENT SHOW!

    Shlomo Levinger leaves the judges absolutely speechless with his magnificent magic!

  • Shlomo Levinger Performs MAGIC at Yeshivas Ashar!

    Watch as Shlomo Levinger impresses the staff and students at Yeshivas Ashar with his crazy magic tricks!

  • The Extreme Magic of Eric Wilzig!

    Eric Wilzig is a famous magician with lots of amazing tricks up his sleeve! Watch the super cool Oorah magic show that will leave you speechless.

  • Ilan Smith's Jaw Dropping Magic!

    Ilan Smith returns to YidFlicks with another mind blowing magic show that will leave you did he do that?!

  • Shlomo Levinger Mind Bowing Magic Show

    Shlomo Levinger is a 24 year old magician from Queens, NY. Shlomo has performed his jaw dropping illusions all over the world, including the US, UK, and Israel! He has been featured in different magazines as well as radio stations. This show surely won't disappoint!

  • Marc Garfinkel RETURNS!

    Acclaimed magician and mentalist Marc Garfinkel is back again with even more NEVER SEEN BEFORE MAGIC TRICKS! This show is as amazing as ever and you definitely want to watch it!

    Run time: Thirty eight minutes.

  • Magic and Mind Reading with Marc Garfinkel

    Marc Garfinkel is one of the most original and mysterious mentalists and magicians out there. He has performed internationally and is well known around the world! Enjoy this one hour family friendly show that will leave you wanting to know his secret tricks.

  • Ilan Smith Exclusive Magic Show

    This incredible show is family friendly and great for all ages. Ilan Smith is a world renowned illusionist and has performed all over the world. He specializes in creating content that is kosher, professional and highly enjoyable. Sit back, relax and enjoy this thirty minute magic show!