Laugh And Learn With Magic Avi!

  • Magic Avi Rosh Hashanah

    Let's learn all about Rosh Hashanah with Magic Avi and Pinky The Puppet! There will be jokes, stories, and lots of fun.

  • Magic Avi The Spinning Straw

    Learn how to wow all your friends at school by making a straw spin all by itself! This magical trick will be taught to you by Magic Avi and his friend, Pinky The Puppet.

  • Magic Avi Who Is Rich?

    Magic Avi teaches about how to handle the feelings of jealousy with the help of his special puppet friend, Pinky.

  • Magic Avi Balancing Bill Illusion

    In this awesome episode, Magic Avi starts out by teaching you a brand new illusion followed by a wonderful story about having faith in Hashem.

  • Magic Avi Special Guest Stars

    In this episode, you will get to learn the illusion of the zip coin. Then followed by exclusive guest starts who arrive just in time for a story!

  • Magic Avi Let's Learn Empathy

    In this episode, Magic Avi will teach about the importance of being empathetic towards everyone we meet. Of course, there will also be a surprise illusion!

  • Magic Avi Tricks You Can Do!

    In this episode, Magic Avi is going to teach you some exciting tricks you can do from home. There will also be an amusing story time. Get ready to be entertained!

  • Magic Avi The Plastic Mastic!

    Watch as Magic Avi shows you all the crazy things plastic can do! This episode is filled with magic, science and of course loads of fun.

  • Magic Avi Crazy Illusions!

    In this episode, Magic Avi will show you the crazy illusion of the disappearing toothpick. You may did Magic Avi do that? Stay tuned until the end of the episode and you may just find out!

  • Magic Avi Banana Split!

    Do you want to see a real banana split that is not in an ice cream shop? Magic Avi to the rescue! You will even learn how to do this mind blowing illusion yourself.

  • Magic Avi Bending And Mending

    Magic Avi will show you just how to bend and mend a metal spoon by using his special magic powers!