Incredible Science With Yochanan Ghoori

  • Incredible Science EPIC Chol Hamoed Show!

    With millions of views of his outrageous science and physics videos, Yochanan Ghoori has now created a special Chol Hamoed YidFlicks show!

    Watch as things pop, wizz, bang, and whir as you learn about how the world works - and get thoroughly entertained in the process.

    For more information abou...

  • Incredible Science Experiments Show

    Yochanan Ghoori of Incredible Science will be performing his mind blowing science experiments in this unbelievable show. Kids of all ages will find this performance highly enjoyable and exciting. You will see lots of cool experiments such as liquid nitrogen lightbulbs, a flying ring of fire, stee...

  • Incredible Science Outrageous Performance!

    Yochanan Ghoori will blow you and your family away by showing you just how much fun learning can really be!

  • Incredible Science YidFlicks Exclusive

    The only place you can find this type of crazy fun is YidFlicks! Enjoy over one hour of family friendly science fun with Yochanan Ghoori!

  • Incredible Science Chanukah Special

    Incredible Science is back with a special for Chanukah! Learn all about science in a fun and hands on way with the highly talented, Yochanan Ghoori.

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