Grovais Films: Based on Tanach And Chazal

  • The Power of Tehilim

    The children are waiting, and still father has not returned. The hour is late they cry but father has gone to collect his debt from Sasha the gentile tailor.

    The story is set at the time of the birth of chasidus in White Russia. Chaim a widower cloth merchant, raises his children, earning the re...

  • A Tear For The Sabbath

    In the camps, Aryeh Leib promises his father to observe the Sabbath, but he is unable to carry out his promise.

    Fifty years later he sees the devotion of nine-year-old Dudi in his endeavors to observe the Sabbath and the tear of Sabbath returns once again.

    The story is a fascinating, moving s...

  • Joseph Who Loved The Sabbath

    In this story we hear how Joseph receives the great wealth of his evil rich neighbor, thanks to his meticulous and respectful observance of the Sabbath.

    The rich man tries to protect his property, but his very actions lead to the transfer of all his possessions to Joseph. The story is based on t...

  • Rabbi Eliezer Ben Horkanos

    When Rabbi Eliezer ben Horkanos reaches the age of 28 he decides to begin studying Torah. On the way he endures many hardships, finally arriving in Jerusalem. He begins studying at the beit midrash of Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai and eventually reaches an amazing level of study.

    This story demonstr...