Fun With Rabbi Jake

  • Rabbi Jake Shavuos Concert!

    Rabbi Jake and Nachman the puppet are back with a two part Shavuos concert. There will be silly jokes, songs, and loads and loads of fun!

  • Rabbi Jake's Rosh Hashanah Concert!

    Rabbi Jake will be singing and making jokes along with his silly friend, Nachman the puppet. This thirty minute video will leave your child with a greater understanding of Rosh Hashanah...not to mention they will have had a blast watching it!

  • Rabbi Jake's Pesach Seder Songs

    Rabbi Jake will be performing lots of songs you will be hearing at your Pesach Seder. This video is a great way to prepare before the Yom Tov!

  • Rabbi Jake Lag B'Omer Special

    Rabbi Jake will pump up your kid's spirits for Lag B'Omer with this special episode!

  • Rabbi Jake's Pesach Concert

    This thirty seven minute video will include lessons and songs all about Pesach. Rabbi Jake knows exactly how to keep the kids having a great time while teaching them new skills and learning all about Torah and Mitzvos.

  • Rabbi Jake's Shavuos Showdown

    Rabbi Jake is an internationally known Jewish educator and entertainer that travels the globe inspiring children with his interactive concerts and upbeat messages about Hashem, Torah, and Mitzvos.  Rabbi Jake is the singer, songwriter, and producer of his hit cd's and videos and has recently rele...

  • Rabbi Jake Happy Birthday

  • Rabbi Jake Aleph Bais