• The Golden Crown

    A heartwarming story about bitachon and emunah that has kept us alive through the ages.

    300 years ago on a cold dark night in the little village of Kerevan, in the Great Kingdom of Voldania, there suddenly is a knock on the Rabbi's door. An urgent matter that will thrust the entire Jewish commu...

  • Megillas Lester

    Megillas Lester

    Join Lester and his friends as they get ready to put on a spectacular Purim play - until Lester gets injured! Curiously, Lester finds himself in the middle of a re-enactment of the Purim story, but in a new and imaginative storyline!

    Parents and kids alike enjoy the wonderful an...

  • Nati and Friends

    Nati and Freinds

    Schticky, Shpitz and Rogalleh are classmates who decide to start a secret club to solve mysteries.
    Mild mannered Rogalleh is easygoing and easy to persuade, following his friends wherever they go.
    Cheeky Schticky is adventurous and kindhearted with a vivid imagination.
    Shpitz i...

  • The Rebbe's Memoirs Part 1

    This is the story of the great Lubavitch Rebbe: Part 1
    In the whole of Europe that is not bound up with the Jewish past or the Jewish present, that can't tell something of Jewish history, and where the stones and the soil are not soaked with Jewish blood and Jewish tears. The very names of certai...

  • Young Avraham

    An incredible film about the true events that happened to Avraham Avinu throughout his lifetime.

    We've scoured the archives to find you this gem of a movie! Based on research in Midrashim and the Meam Loez, Young Avraham brings to life early events in Avraham's life in true cinematic beauty.


  • Yankel Am Ha'aretz

    Yankel Am Ha'aretz

    Inspired by the song “Yankel” by Abie Rotenberg, Yankel Am
    Ha’Aretz is about a simple man who endures hardship in his
    Torah studies.

    Deep in his heart he loves to do the Mitzvos yet he never
    seems to get things right.
    While all the children make fun of him “could there be a