• Dance With Lakie: Keep Fit The Kosher Way

    Join Lakie for a high energy cardio dance routine that will leave you feeling better than ever.

  • Mendy Music Kosher Fitness Workout

    Feel the rhythm…hear the beat….and let your spirit get you jumping on your feet! Get ready to sing, dance and exercise together with Mendy and his friends in this exhilarating animated workout video for the whole family!

    Run time: Thirty minutes.

  • Incinerator Workout With Eli Goodman

    Incinerator Workout

    Your in home, on the go, personal trainer.  Join Eli for
    an amazing, fun, full body workout.  Eli mixes the HIIT
    (high intensity interval training) method and full body
    muscle training for a long-lasting fat burn. Pack on lean
    muscle while targeting belly fat with HIIT cardio.

  • Kids Only Interactive Workout With Chaim Loeb

    This lively exercise video will get the kids moving as well as educate them about how to make healthier choices. Chaim is a certified fitness trainer as well as a nutritional coach.

    Run time: Thirty minutes

  • HomePros Workout For Kids With Estherlee!

    This workout by Esterlee is brought to you by HomePros. Estherlee Katz is a brand name in Monsey fitness circles. She began her training career doing a favor for a friend and has never looked back since!

    This is a kid friendly exercise routine.