• Kreative Kidz by Keli Official Chanukah Film!

    Morah Keli Teichman's 2021 Chanukah film is captivating, educational and like nothing you have seen before!
    Morah Keli is a phenomenal teacher and knows exactly how to keep children engaged and having a great time.

  • Shazak! Miracle Lights: The Chanukah Story

    Join Benny and Zaidy for the thrilling adventure of the Chanukah story! Go back to a time of danger, drama and triumph. Laugh, thrill and cheer as the adventure of Chanukah unfolds in this incredible animated production.

  • Morah Deena's Preschool Chanukah Show!

    Watch as the children from Moses Montessori's preschool act out the Chanukah story in their very own play.
    This video is most suitable for children ages six and under.

  • The Messages of Chanukah

    A Chanukah must watch!
    Your kids will LOVE these 15 animated Chanukah stories all wrapped into one fantastic YidFlicks film!

  • The Chanukah Story With Morah Eve

    Morah Eve is one of the best preschool morahs in town and she wants to tell you all about the exciting story of Chanukah! Join her and her puppet friends for a lively and amusing story time.

  • Chanukah Lesson and Songs With Morah Ester

    Morah Ester will be telling the miraculous story of Chanukah. She will be singing her way throughout the video to make it an exciting experience for all!
    This video contains Kol Isha, and should be watched at your own discretion.

  • Chanukah Story With Morah Chaya

    Morah Chaya Shapiro tells the fascinating and exciting story of how the Jews were saved in the Chanukah story!

  • Incredible Science Chanukah Special

    Incredible Science is back with a special for Chanukah! Learn all about science in a fun and hands on way with the highly talented, Yochanan Ghoori.

    For more information about Incredible Science and their children's programming, please visit

  • Morah Shifra's Chanukah Song!

    Shimmy and Shelly are back! Let's learn about all the yummy food we eat and the exciting things we do for Chanukah.

  • Rebbetzin Tap! How to Make Potato Latkes

    Rebbetzin Tap not only knows how to dance, but she also knows how to make the best latkes around town!

  • The Chanukah Medley

    Micha Gamerman is back with another fantastic animated video all about Chanukah!

  • Morah Leah Chanukah Is A Time For Miracles

  • Rebbetzin Tap Jewish Holiday Celebration

    Rebbetzin Tap discovers a magical “Holiday Apartment” – with a different Jewish holiday behind every door! Stop by a Passover Seder, stay up all night on Shavuot, dip apples in honey on Rosh Hashanah, shake the lulav on Sukkot, celebrate the lights of Hanukkah, and much more! This video contains ...

  • Morah Leah Eight Candles Burning